Welcome to Trabi Spares.

We are UK based and the sole supplier and distributor for IFA Service Heinz of Germany. We can supply all your parts for Trabant, Wartburg, Barkas, Simson and most IFA vehicles.

IFA Service Heinz was established in 2014 and has over 10 years experience with IFA vehicles inc Trabant, Wartburg, Simson and Barkas.

 The garage has over 1500 square metres of space and employs former GDR mechanics with an excellent working knowledge
of IFA vehicles.

 Not only do they supply spares but currently have over 15 Trabants for sale plus Simpson and Wartburgs.

In addition to supplying parts we can offer advice for your vehicle and the parts that you require.

All our parts are New, New/Old Stock or Refurbished where it is unavailable. In addition to parts we can supply body panels, trims etc.

Postage is normally 3-5 days from receipt of your payment and delivered directly to your door.

Please visit the Sales Enquiry page and tell us what you're looking for - we promise a fast response.